A Little Humor in my Morning Hustle

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A Little Humor in my Morning Hustle

“Quick! Don’t let the mosquitoes in!” Slam. The pound of two boys’ feet toward the car. “We’re going to win!” they shout. Every time we get in the car it’s a race between the boys and girls. I lock the front door with a flick of my wrist, lunge around my three year old daughter without whacking her with any lunches or backpacks, and run for the car.

Humor in my Morning Hustle

We haven’t been late to school once, and I aim to keep it that way. “Come on, Katie!” I swing her car door open then wrench mine. Something small flies out at me. I scream—shrill, sharp, and loud.The thing flutters down.

Oh. It’s only a leaf. I look around to see if anyone witnessed my spaz attack. A man across the street and three doors down walks his big dog closer and looks right at me as if deciding if he needs to render aid. “It’s okay!” I shout. “Just a leaf.”

I throw the bags in the car and rush around the back door to buckle my daughter—and maybe to hide from the Good Samaritan too.

The boys win again. Good. I slam Katie’s door, jump in the front seat, and pull out of the driveway before the guy reaches us. We’re finally on our way to school, but before I can even get breakfast passed back to the kids, the hilarity hits me and I am laughing out loud. What must this guy be thinking to see some lady literally run to her car, open the door, scream, and then turn around and yell, “Just a leaf!”

Somehow, it really brightened my day.

If you don’t have time to stop and smell the roses today, please, just don’t go so fast that you make a mountain…out of a leaf. 🙂 Need a little more humor for your heart? Here’s a true story about one of my husband’s shenanigans that he thought was soooo funny. 🙂



Editor’s Note: In the time between the events in this story and the completion of writing ABOUT the events, the writer (me) has, sorrowfully, been late to school. We (me) left the story as is to reflect the truth of the story as it was on the day it occurred. 😉

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