About Jenny

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As a young woman, I often spent time looking out of windows dreaming about when love would come to me. While waiting, I read.

My favorite books inspired me to think about what kind of woman I wanted to be (or not to be) in my own real-life story. Do you also dream about love, romance, and adventure? Then I write for you.

Now I’m a happily married wife to the man of my dreams and the mother of three. I still love reading—taking breaks from my own adventure to jump into the pages of someone else’s. Along with the entertainment, I often find nuggets of wisdom to keep.

And that, dear Reader, is my hope for you. To leave you with a giggle, a smile, or a sigh. And just maybe, with a bit of encouragement, too.

My stories can be found in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Splickety Love Magazine, Splickety Prime, and Family Fiction’s 2014 Anthology.

I hope you enjoy them!



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