Best Summer Romance and Farewell till Fall

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Here comes summer! The kids will be home from school, and it’s time for swim lessons, fun family memories, picnics, work, home projects, and oh yeah, baby—your summer reading list.

My recommendation? Put Three Wishes by Lisa T. Bergren at the top of your list. Get your PJ’s, fluff your pillow, and set sail on the River of Time. Just be careful if your husband is nearby. You may find yourself trying a Zorro jab and spin move as you leap over him for a potty break. Did I mention it’s an adventure romance with time travel involved? You’ll love it. And you’re welcome. 🙂

Three Wishes


What will I be doing this summer?

Many things!

Potty training my last child

So bitter-sweet! Sweet because my baby is growing up into a big girl. Bitter because we will no longer be able to hide poopy diapers at our friends’ houses (Haha!) Sadly, that phase of our lives is coming to an end. 😉

Family Time

I am beyond excited to have my kids home from school to sleep in, hang out, bake, go swimming, make memories, and just relax together as a family.


In July, I’ll be attending my first ever writing retreat. Ahhhhh! (My husband is soooo sweet.) I’ll also be writing all summer long and working on my story compilation.


In order to make the most of these opportunities, I am shunning (dramatic, I know) my blog and social media until September. I’ll make sure to bring some new book recommendations when I return.

Until then, farewell!!!

See you in September. 🙂


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