Dancing and Romancing

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Dancing and Romancing

I attended my first Junior High dance in seventh grade. I was hoping for fun, good music, and cute guys. But no one asked me to dance. Mustering what courage I could, I left the security of my little huddle of friends and asked a guy to dance.



He said no.

Other than my Senior Prom, I never went to another school dance.

Fast forward to college. I was writing a letter to God in my journal, asking him to send me my husband. I listed some qualities I wanted, and at the end I tacked on one more request: “Can you make it someone who will take me dancing?”

About a month later, an old friend called me up and asked if I’d go with her to Swing Castle, a swing-dancing place I had heard of, but never been to. I was game, and we went.

The room was filled with varying ages and varying skill levels. I was impressed. There was a core group of AMAZING dancers that looked like they could have been in shows and movies. And would you believe it? One of them, the tallest and most handsome, came over and asked me to dance. Long story short, he swept me off my feet, and danced me right to the altar a year and a half later.

We went dancing a lot in the beginning. I loved it (so fun, exhilarating, and romantic!). He loved it (it’s a sport, it’s awesome, let’s keep it up!). But then ten years went by. Work. Baby One, Two, and Three. We slowed from going all the time, to every now and then, to not at all.

But earlier this week, I surprised him with a date to Swing Castle. We danced. We laughed. We perspired. J He swung me this way and that with steps and spins that had me feeling like Ginger Rogers (An awesome dancer from Old Hollywood). I’m not even a good dancer. But with Matt, the magic works.

Even after ten years, I love the fun and romance of being in his arms.

What about you? What is that one thing you loved about your husband or wife long ago that still gets you now?  And for my single friends: What is that cherry-on-top trait you love finding in someone to date?

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