Ten Years Married: “What Would You Do Without Me?”

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Ten years ago today, I married the man of my dreams. He had two black and blue fingers from a work injury, and I doused my diamond ring in hot wax when we lit the unity candle. And so began our wedded life—beautiful, with lots of mishaps, and lots of joy.

Hus is sweet to me all the time, and when I thank him and tell him how good he is to me, he often responds in his laid-back way with, “I know. What would you do without me?”

Then, in my very literal way, I usually respond with, “Well, I would be okay because the Lord would take care of me, but it would be very hard, and I would really miss you.”

But on this day, our tenth anniversary, I would like to add a little detail to my answer. Can I brag on Hus a bit, since it’s our anniversary?

What would I do without Hus? Here are 10 things:

1. I would have to kill my own bugs. 

When I was dating Hus, I asked him if he would kill all the bugs for me for the rest of our lives. He said he would. And he has! (Although, I may have killed one or two.)

2.  I would miss out on nightly foot rubs. 

Somewhere toward the end of my second pregnancy, I started needing foot rubs because of arch pain. Hus continued the tradition far past that. To this day, if I scoot my foot close to him, he’ll massage it while I rub his neck or scratch his back. You’d be surprised how many arguments can be solved with a foot rub!

3.  There’d be no more just-because-I-love-you donut surprises. Isn’t there a song about that? Talk Donuts to Me! 😉

4.   No one would watch Little House on the Prairie with me after a stressful day, holding me (okay, and maybe chuckling at me) while I cry.

5.   There’d be no one telling me once a week, “I got the kids; you take the night off.”

6.   There’d be no one with the talent to dance me till I’m dizzy, and sway me till I’m breathless. No Prince to my Cinderella.  

7.   There’d be no one trying to steal my cornbread at dinner, or whisk my pillow away an instant before I lay my head on the bed. How boring.

8.   There’d be no one to say, “Jenny,” in that quiet way, when I’ve gone too far and crossed the line. 

9.   No one would be such a good example to our kids of how to treat a woman, what it means to be a man, what a father should be, and most of all, how to follow the Lord.

10.  There’d be no one who gets me, loves me, and inspires love in return the way Hus does.

If I could do it all over, I’d still say “I do.” Anytime. Anywhere.

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